We provide bilingual resources against the tuition hikes and for the student strike. We translate documents (letters, articles, etc.) mainly from french to english and english to french. Our translations are made freely available to the public.

You can contribute in different ways:

  • By sending documents and news that you would like us to translate.
  • By sending links to bilingual or multilingual documents.
  • By sending your own translations.

We are also looking for people interested in joining our team of translators.

Please contact us using our contact form.

Terms of use

Please ask us if you want to reproduce any of the content from this website.

Limitation of responsibility

The content published on this website do not necessarily represent the opinion of Rouge Square nor of its members. Furthermore, please notice that the fact that you ask us to translate a text comes with no guarantee from our side. We do not guarantee that it will be translated. Furthermore, although our team of translators is skilled and try to produce quality translations, we cannot guarantee that the translation will be free of errors.