The 2005 Strike: A Sour Ending

Thursday, March 22, 2012


On April 1st 2005, after a 5 week unlimited general strike which had principally been organized by member associations of the CASSÉE (today’s CLASSE), the FECQ and FEUQ accepted to negotiate with the government while excluding the CASSÉE from the discussion.

These federations negotiated a cut-rate agreement with the government, which their associations found out about …through the media. As a result, some associations decided to go back to class, and this first assent was sufficient pull the rest of the movement down with it.

However, 110 000 out of a grand total of 185 000 striking students who rejected the agreement in their general assemblies had to unwillingly put an end to the strike.

Let’s save ourselves the rage and despair of our predecessors, who had to go back to class empty-handed. As of now, let us cement our position: our demands are clear, our forces sufficient!