Concordia Anthro and Soc Students Letter to Professors

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Dear professors,

Tomorrow, Thursday, the university will be closed and students will gather for a massive day of action against the proposed increase to tuition fees and the broader privatization of the university.  Our department's professors are abreast of the stakes on a personal level, as employees of the university and at an intellectual level, having surely considered these issues at length.  Let me leave the concrete issues aside for now.

Instead the graduate and undergraduate students striking in our department are inviting you to join the student demonstration and be counted among our numbers.  Just like every other day during this collective cessation of work, we are not resting but at all hours of the day, mobilizing every reasonable means at our disposal to bring the intransigent government to a position of reason.  The task appears monumental, and your written support gives us renewed courage.  And courage it is, as students delay their thesis defenses, as student parents offer their time to fight for a society worth passing on, as friendships divide and collapse over the questions and as international students stand firm in spite of unwelcome risk, all of which I have personally witnessed around me.

Like our peers in other disciplines, many of us are motivated by a simple passion for learning and anger at an action that will entrench the inequalities in society, rather than eliminate them.  This anger is not amorphous, but is a product of the sociological imagination advanced through university education itself.

The graduate students in the department will meet at the Norman Bethune monument on the corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve for lunch at 12:00 and the march will officially begin at Place du Canada on Peel and Rene Levesque, at 1:00.

Many thanks, and hoping to see you tomorrow,

Richard Hinton on behalf of the Anthropology and Sociology students.