As in the study: memoria and understanding

Nine times three, seven. Nine times four, thirty-six

When I was in elementary school, I had to memorize all the periods up to twelve (I remember eleven times when the table was one of the easiest, but twelve were pain in my eight-year-old ass)

I also had to memorize the list of words. I also had to memorize the facts about the first days of work (someone else has a third class teacher who showed them

When I went to high school in sixth grade, the study changed. It was no longer just to remember. Focus has shifted to critical thinking. We don't just memorized math formulas, we applied them to the problems. We didn' t just remember the dates in the history, we discussed why the events matter

One day, geography of 7th grade, we had to do a project on the environmental issue. I told the teacher I wanted to do a project on oil spills. She said, "What about the oil spills?" I couldn't think of a response

According to my parents, Canadian school has changed since they were kids. When they were in school, they didn' t have to "explain their answer" or "apply their knowledge", they simply had to know the facts

Thanks to the Internet, we don't need to remember as much as before. If we want to know the fact or the formula, we can just Google. This is why the Canadian educational system is now focused on learning how to think and learn

But even in an age of the Internet, some countries believe that remembering is the best way to learn. The Chinese believe that the memory is a memory

Prof A Ran, dean of international education at the South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, said: "While Westerners see the cheatsheet and understanding as mutually exclusive, the Chinese tend to see them as related."

This idea seems to be rooted in

Standardized tests are also important for Chinese education. In China, the average school is three years, and all three years are in preparation for the haocao or university entrance examination. Gagao is almost entirely based on memoria

Three years, which are preparing for one standard test, seem almost unthinkable in Canada, a country that doubts that we even have to have standardized tests

Andrea Horvath, who recently ran into Doug Ford to become the Ontario prime minister, said she would

Whatever your opinion on this system, China's education system is considered one of them

Finland is also considered to be one of them

There are virtually no standard tests in Finland. The national curriculum is only a general guide. Teachers (who are all required to hold a master's degree paid by the government) plan classes based on what is best for children and not on the basis of what the Government is required to do. The size of the classes is low, and 30 per cent of children receive additional assistance during the first nine years of school. The final believes in teaching children how to learn, not how to test

In my experience, Canada, which obviously has

Here are some tips that help me combine memory and mutual understanding to prepare for the tests

The time to finish math work every day. It will help familiarize you with the basic understanding, definitions, and theorem

But when the test came, I was almost never asked about the dates. Of course, I had to know a decade or an era when shit was coming down, but I didn' t have to know the day, the month, and the year that the shit wasn't

Why aren't the dates important? Understanding the past helps us to understand our present and prepare for the future. It is important that we learn from mistakes made in history, but we do not need to know that on July 14, 1943, at 5:32 pm, there was a mistake to understand why it was a mistake and what could be done to avoid it

Same with literature. Books and verses teach us about our world and our history, even if we don't know the exact date of the publication

Although dates don't matter when I wrote the tests, the names didn' t matter. I'd lose a lot of marks if I thought I wrote Capote

Why are the names important? The names you remember are shown to be your professor, who can display the contents of the course. In addition, you must remember the names in the real world. You don't want to spend your whole career trying to hear someone else

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